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March was a busy month at VeriClock. We saw the launch of a number of new features. Most notably:

New Alert Interface

The old alert system was somewhat limited in its flexibility. The new interface is very power, allowing a great deal of control and flexibility, yet extremely easy to use. You can select employees individually, or by group, and ensure alerts are sent to whoever needs to be kept in the loop, be it admins, managers, other employees or the very employee that triggered the alert.

All the old alerts you remember are there and can be found in the Settings | Alerts tab:

  • Duration Alerts - Allowing you to generate alerts when an employee reaches particular hour quotas on a day, week, bi-weekly, or 4 week basis. Use this to ensure compliance with hourly maximums, sending the worker an email or sms alert telling them its time to go home. Or use it to notify a manager or admin when an employee's hours are approaching their overtime threshold.

  • Clock In/Out Alerts - Be notified when a particular employee or group of employees arrives at work or heads home. Very simple and straight forward.

  • Timeguard Alerts - Timeguard acts to clock out an employee and flag that event as erroneous when they have exceeded a pre-determined number of hours in a day, almost always due to forgetting to clock out. With this, the employee themselves can be notified by email or sms that they were "Timeguarded" out of the system. They will then know to contact their manager to correct the error.

GEO Locate Regular Mobile Phones

Track clock in or out locations, or look up an on-the-clock employee's location in real time. The employee can be using any type of handset - a smartphone is not required. We are just finishing up a limited beta and the response has been very positive. This feature will be publicly available within the next month. If you would like early access, please contact us at

United Kingdom Launch

While we have always worked in the UK via web or smart phone, we just launched phone and sms time tracking there. UK businesses can now have their employees clock in using all of our available methods.

The coming months will see more and more requested features get flushed out and released. Stay tuned.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Mar 30th, 2014

Managed SaaS systems are more secure than most internal business IT infrastructures in respect to breaches, fires and natural disasters. This is because SaaS providers are keenly aware that their products are the livelihood of their business, which could go under in a few days in the event of any breach, disaster or peril interrupting the services the provider offers.

So, we strategize, build and configure our various levels of security, redundancy and fault tolerance to very high levels, almost always surpassing the reliability of the average business enterprise infrastructure.

This means you can leave your concerns about time tracking security, back-ups and scalability with the experts at VeriClock, and focus on your core goals -- growing your business.

How secure is your data right now?

Posted by Team VeriClock on Feb 6th, 2012

We know it’s important that you and your employees are not disturbed by software updates. You have enough to do. With SaaS, there’s no software to manage, update or replace. You’ll never have to download a “patch” for our time and attendance solution. The software-as-a-service is updated in our cloud servers without you having to think about it at all. These advantages are fairly obvious.

But there are additional advantages to the end user that are not considered as often. For example, because there is no huge cost involved with new software or patch rollouts, SaaS providers such as VeriClock can offer consistent miniscule changes that add up over time. This results in a constantly improving application experience for the end users, instead of the jerky, inconsistent updates we have all experienced from traditional software providers.

Because it’s always up to date, we may contact you from time to time about new features that we’ve added for your convenience. Yet, those background updates and expansions are seamless and will not cause any disruption to your use of the service.

You are far too busy to be called upon to troubleshoot 3rd party software or maintain aging infrastructure. Instead, go with SaaS solutions that allow you to stay focused on the important day-to-day operations of your company.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Jan 8th, 2012

Almost every business, new or established, eventually has to make decisions regarding what kind of a time tracking system to implement. In this series, we will explore how and why SaaS - Software as a Service - is the most practical and cost-effective time tracking choice for businesses of all sizes.

Timekeeping and payroll systems via SaaS can offer multiple benefits and advantages for all parties concerned: business owners, their administrators, bookkeepers, employees, subcontractors and clients.

Ease of Deployment:

Software as a System for time keeping can be easily and rapidly deployed. This is because you don’t have to go through processes of purchasing and downloading any software, and there is no need to purchase any special hardware such as punch-clocks, sensing devices, card readers, key fobs, etc., that require installation and time-consuming setup.

It is rare that a business owner or manager has the time to research and implement a major new business system, like a new time and attendance system. But when that pain threshold gets high enough to force a change, and a decision is made to proceed with a change, it can be deflating to have to sit back and wait for some special hardware to arrive – it’s always better to strike when the iron’s hot!

So often we leave the site of setting a new goal, or making a decision to change something, without taking any action. Not with SaaS – there are no excuses for doing this. You can sign up for a free account, configure it, and deploy our system to employees in literally minutes… so, if you are reading about us one evening, keep in mind that your employees could be using us the following morning.

Time to move your manual time sheets into the Cloud?

Posted by Team VeriClock on Dec 30th, 2011

Worker safety requirements vary from industry to industry and region to region, but one commonality remains: the need for employers to exercise due diligence in monitoring their safety policies.

And when it comes to exercising due diligence, the more reporting the better. Many of the companies using our service have incorporated their required daily safety checks into the written reports and audio reports offered by VeriClock.

So, whether a worker is required to do a daily checklist of specific equipment before using it, or whether workers are required to have a safety toolbox meeting before getting to work, VeriClock offers a simple solution for supervisors to verify that employees are complying with the company’s safety policy.

It’s easy for workers to forget to do an important safety check at some point in the workday, but much less likely they will forget to record their clock in or out time… by linking the two, you encourage a safe work environment for all.

And for employers, just remember: due diligence = track, record, document.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Oct 18th, 2011

The tracking of employees through GPS technology has caught on in recent years. Unfortunately, in some cases, the ethics involved in this practice are lagging behind the advancement of the technology itself.

A New York State employee was recently fired after his private car was secretly equipped with GPS 24/7 tracking capabilities. This meant that the employee was being tracked during his private, non-working time. See the full story here:

NY State employee fired after being tracked by GPS during private, non-working hours

GPS tracking has many benefits for both employee and employer, when used properly and fairly. In most instances, employees WANT to be able to track where they have been and what they have done. There are also useful applications in the area of billing, such as when a customer disputes a bill for hourly work.

Companies should unveil their GPS programs in an open manner – employees, employers, and customers should all be made aware of the particular system in place and how it works. After all, the main benefit of using a GPS system is to encourage accountability amongst all parties – not to catch people in the act of doing something wrong.

For companies looking to implement a new GPS tracking system for their mobile employees, here’s a good tip: any reputable GPS employee time tracking system will automatically come with the ability to be turned off during non-working hours.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Sep 19th, 2011

It’s a dirty topic to discuss, but it remains a fact that there are some employees out there who regularly cheat on their hours with their employers. And what does cheating on hours, padding clock in and out times, or “buddy punching” really mean? It means theft from the employer, and in many cases in can be the largest source of employee theft within an organization.

So what can you do about it? While no system is perfect, there are steps you can take to safeguard against unnecessary losses in labor expenses.

The VeriClock time tracking system incorporates a number of different verification features that employers and administrators can use to ensure the hours they pay out are accurate. Some of these features include:

- Real time tracking of time worked… no more filling out time cards after the fact… and cheaters must cheat in real time and risk getting caught in the act

- GPS tagging… clock in and out events can be tagged to an exact location, ensuring workers are where they are supposed to be when they clock in

- Voice verification… employers can configure the system to require employees to leave voice reports

- IP address… used to track where a web clock in or out event comes from

- Caller ID… used to ensure workers clock in from a particular phone number

While the vast majority of employees are honest, hardworking individuals, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. The good news is you don’t have to invest in expensive retina scanners or finger print readers to get the benefits mentioned above - our system can be deployed immediately and it offers all of the benefits mentioned above, for a fraction of the cost of traditional time keeping systems.

View the screenshot below of our savings calculator to see what a typical company can actually save!

Posted by Team VeriClock on Aug 31st, 2011

Let’s face it – in most businesses the biggest expense is labor costs. So, errors made in the area of calculating and paying out these labor costs should rank among the most grave a company could make. And yet many companies are still using archaic systems to track their labor costs.

Does your company have a step that involves the manual recording of time worked by employees, like filling out a paper time card (or, simply scribbling their time on a napkin)? Does your payroll staff have to manually enter data into an excel sheet or payroll software?

The potential errors that can be made when these crucial tasks are undertaken by your staff are numerous and extremely costly. So why not update your system to one that automates these crucial tasks?

With the VeriClock time keeping system, the manual recording of hours and the manual transfer of this data are completely removed from the workflow. This results in far fewer errors with time keeping and processing payroll, which really means huge savings for the company!

Here’s a link to an illustration of how this automated process works: How it Works

Posted by Team VeriClock on Aug 4th, 2011