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Now you can customize the look and feel of your most used drop downs for employees, jobs, service items and custom fields.

Drop-down ID-First-Last Sort by First Name
Display ID-First-Last
Sort by first name
Customize the display and sort order of your employee lists independently.
Drop-down ID-First-Last Sort by ID
Sort by first name
Sort by ID
Sort by ID, first name or last name.
Drop-down ID-Last-First Sort by First
Sort by Last Name
Display Last-First
Customize the display to optionally include the ID, first, middle and last names. Employee names may be configured to display the surname first.
All of these options are available for employee lists, as well as jobs, service items and custom fields. Users may configure these individually for themselves and an administrator can set a company wide default for all users.

Access these and addtional customizations for jobs, service items and custom fields under Settings | Personal. If there is a customization that you would like to see but is missing, please let us know at

Posted by Team VeriClock on Nov 16th, 2015