News, Updates and Things of Interest
We have updated our landing page for admins and managers giving them a birds eye view of their account. Additionally, we have added the ability to switch your landing page to another that you might use more frequently.
  • Weekly hours summarized
    Hour Summary Graph
    Time is broken down into regular and overtime hours on a simple graph
  • Timeguard alerts
    Timeguard Alerts | 
    Alerts show up pointing you to erroneous clock events that need an admins attention
  • Signature Alerts
    Signature Alerts | Notifications
    Alerts show up indicating action is needed by admins, managers, or employees
  • Easily see who's clocked in with an in/out status widget
  • Change your landing page to something else if desired.
    settings tab
    personal tab
    default homepage
    Head to the Personal tab on the Settings page and select your desired landing page.
Let us know if you would like to see something added to the dashboard!

Posted by Team VeriClock on Mar 1st, 2015