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Now you can customize the look and feel of your most used drop downs for employees, jobs, service items and custom fields.

Drop-down ID-First-Last Sort by First Name
Display ID-First-Last
Sort by first name
Customize the display and sort order of your employee lists independently.
Drop-down ID-First-Last Sort by ID
Sort by first name
Sort by ID
Sort by ID, first name or last name.
Drop-down ID-Last-First Sort by First
Sort by Last Name
Display Last-First
Customize the display to optionally include the ID, first, middle and last names. Employee names may be configured to display the surname first.
All of these options are available for employee lists, as well as jobs, service items and custom fields. Users may configure these individually for themselves and an administrator can set a company wide default for all users.

Access these and addtional customizations for jobs, service items and custom fields under Settings | Personal. If there is a customization that you would like to see but is missing, please let us know at

Posted by Team VeriClock on Nov 16th, 2015
We have updated our landing page for admins and managers giving them a birds eye view of their account. Additionally, we have added the ability to switch your landing page to another that you might use more frequently.
  • Weekly hours summarized
    Hour Summary Graph
    Time is broken down into regular and overtime hours on a simple graph
  • Timeguard alerts
    Timeguard Alerts | 
    Alerts show up pointing you to erroneous clock events that need an admins attention
  • Signature Alerts
    Signature Alerts | Notifications
    Alerts show up indicating action is needed by admins, managers, or employees
  • Easily see who's clocked in with an in/out status widget
  • Change your landing page to something else if desired.
    settings tab
    personal tab
    default homepage
    Head to the Personal tab on the Settings page and select your desired landing page.
Let us know if you would like to see something added to the dashboard!

Posted by Team VeriClock on Mar 1st, 2015
The BC Government is considering legislation that would allow prosecution of employers when workers are injured or killed on the job. Have your employees document all safety work, inspections, safety equipment setup, etc... with photos or videos attached to their digital timesheet. Linking the doing and documenting of safety checks to the act of clocking in will help make sure they never forget and that makes for a safer work place.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Feb 12th, 2015

And you should use them…

  1. Everyone Makes Mistakes. Employees. Employers. Clients. The guy sitting next to you. One of the most uncomfortable tensions around payday is when there is a disagreement around what the number on the check (the one that is going to feed your employee’s cat, and themselves) is supposed to be. So do your due diligence and be preventative and prepared. Weekly sign offs, while memory is fresh, certify that you and your employee both agree on the hours they worked.
  2. It’s Easy. So Easy. You don’t even need a pen. Administrators and employees can sign off using their mouse or finger on the computer, phone or tablet. Didn’t have a pen? No excuse. Use your finger. (Or ignore item 4, print and sign)
  3. Saved FOREVER. Or just as long as you need. Paper disintegrates and gets lost. Moving. Reorganizing. Flood. Your dog who eats paper. (Does that actually happen?) Whatever. Paper is unreliable as a source that is easily findable. Digital documents are easily storable with little space, are searchable, and quickly shareable across large spaces.
  4. Paperless. Paper kills trees. Go paperless. All the cool companies are doing it.
  5. Stay Compliant. While reading the regulations regarding the Affordable Care Act could save you hundreds of dollars on your Ambien prescription, the gist is that full time employees need coverage and you need to keep solid records on who is a full time employee and who isn’t starting this year. 9 out of 10 doctors agree, solid employee timekeeping records signed off by employee and employer on a regular basis reduces stress in business owners and operators.

Start using Digital Signatures today.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Feb 5th, 2015

Selfies. Not just for teenage girls anymore. Selfies of your employees on the job. Yup, you heard me.

AND photos of your job. Before. During. After.

You’re wondering why I’m telling you to ask your employee to act like a 14 year old with an iPhone on a Thursday afternoon at the beach in California? Let me explain.

Photos on the job allow you to:

  • Verify your employee is on the correct job site.
  • Before, during and after job photos are great for showing your work.
  • Defending discrepancies - Cover your back by documenting the state you found a job site
  • Track job progress without having to be there
  • Avoid liabilities on multi day jobs where the site will be left unattended for periods of time

I’m not saying that you should morph into a 360 photography studio. I’m saying you can utilize technology to make your business better.

Start uploading your jobs’ photos.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Jan 5th, 2015

VeriClock's latest feature, the ability to GEO track regular mobile phones (aka “Dumb Phones”), is out of beta and now generally available. With this feature, employees clocking in and out can now be located on a map, regardless of their handset type*.

Admins may configure these settings on a global, or individual basis by going to Settings | Location while logged in. Additionally, instead of tracking every single clock in and out, a weighting can be assigned so as to track an arbitrary percentage of clocks. In addition to tagging in and out events with GPS coordinates, admins and managers can lookup the location of employees in realtime throughout the work day.

The uses for this feature go far beyond internal auditing of employee clock in/out locations. GEO coordinates will prove invaluable in locating employees on large job sites, proving to clients your crew was on site, and enhancing safety by being able to locate non-responsive team members.

If there are any questions regarding this new feature, please contact us at any time.

*A full list of supported carriers is available on the Settings | Location page once logged in.

Posted by Team VeriClock on Apr 21st, 2014

The OpenSSL project issued a Security Advisory regarding a serious vulnerability in the encryption software that secures a large percentage of the internet's traffic.

After the announcement, VeriClock assessed our risk and took appropriate steps to secure our servers against this vulnerability. We updated all our servers to utilize the latest, fixed version of OpenSSL. In addition, we have replaced our SSL certificates.

We are recommending all our customers login and change their passwords. This can very easily be done with the forgot password link. In addition, we suggest evaluating other internet services you use and updating passwords where appropriate.

If there are any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Posted by Team VeriClock on Apr 10th, 2014

VeriClock is pleased to announce the release of Pre-TimeTM, the long anticipated add-on that enables the tracking of future time that has yet to occur.

When you enable Pre-TimeTM, several things become available in your account:

  1. Pre-TimeTM and Attendance - See the hours worked by your employees before they work them. Run reports 3, 6, or 12 months from now, today!

  2. Pre-TimeTM Job Costing - Wonder if that job you are bidding is going to be profitable? Run the job costing report now. If the job is not sufficiently profitable consider passing on the opportunity, or inspect your Pre-TimeTM and Attendance reports and see if you can't identify a leak in your labour costs.

  3. Pre-TimeTM Geo Tracking - Knowing where your assets are going to be, weeks and months in advance will unlock countless new avenues to enhance your business.

  4. Pre-TimeTM No Show Alerts - Dealing with a critical job where a worker unexpectedly can't make it will never be a problem again. Your Pre-TimeTM No Show Alerts can alert you today if an employee doesn't show up to work 6 months from now, allowing you to schedule a replacement and avoid costly down time.

The addition of several large scale quantum computers to VeriClock's R&D department is what makes this possible. "I realize this sounds like a Philip K. Dick novel, but it was actually quite simple once we looked at the math", says Bryce Pasechnik, Cofounder and Director of R&D at VeriClock. "Once you realize quantum entanglement works in space and across time, you quickly realize the computer's memory itself is inherently a quantum superposition of all states that it will be in in both the past, the present, and the future. Its just a simple matter of collapsing the wave function with an appropriate bias for our target time domain, and reading out the time and attendance data."

Several patents are pending on this technology, and VeriClock is investigating if there would be market opportunities for this technology beyond time and attendance. If you would like to enable Pre-TimeTM in your account, please contact

Posted by Team VeriClock on Apr 1st, 2014